Kaspersky Password Manager 8.0.5

Remember important passwords while barring hackers from possible entry

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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    4.5 (9)

Kaspersky Password Manager is a password manager and generator meant for Windows PCs.

Security is a much bigger issue than it was in the past, and coming up with a clever password really isn't enough these days. If you want your data to stay secure, you need something unbreakable - and that means having something that's not thought up by a human mind. Kaspersky is one of many companies that has created password generators, but its Password Manager does an outstanding job of differentiating itself from the crowd. By providing both an excellent generator and an easy to access set of authorization options, this is one program that really can keep your computer safe.

This doesn't, however, mean that the program isn't a little weird. Someone at Kaspersky must have found themselves slowly drifting back to the late 90s, because the choice of browsers one can use with the product is simply outdated. You're good if you are one of the six people who still uses Netscape, but you won't be able to use the product with Chrome or Opera. This is a huge annoyance to most users, and a problem that really shouldn't exist.

If you need a password manager or generator, Kaspersky Password Manger is a good choice for you. Make sure it works with your browser of choice, though, so you don't get disappointed by the plug-in. This is a very good product that is hamstrung by a weird set of choices, but that doesn't make it useless. Just do a little research before you decide to download and make sure it works for you. At the very least, the password generator is worth a try.


  • Good set of authorization options
  • Fantastic password generator


  • Doesn't support all browsers

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